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The America’s First Responders Foundation (AFRF) has a Membership Program. The purpose of the program is to provide an opportunity for First Responders across the nation to share an affiliation with the AFR Foundation. First Responders include members of organizations such as law enforcement agencies, fire and rescue services, emergency management agencies, and emergency medical services. This group is the America’s First Responders Foundation’s (AFRF’s) "Responders’ Group USA."

The AFRF’s "Responders’ Group USA" is a fraternal group of First Responders who share an interest in supporting America’s First Responders by supporting the purpose and mission of the America’s First Responders Foundation.

The cost of membership is $10.00 annually.


By being a member in the America’s First Responders Foundation “Responders Group USA” you, along with the AFRF and the many other First Responders across the Nation can help provide support to assist First Responders and Communities to prepare for, respond to and recover from day to day emergencies and disasters.

The America’s First Responders Foundation does not give out information on any of the individuals or organizations who participate in AFRF membership programs or who have made a request or have received assistance form the AFRF or any of its affiliates.

To join

Send a check for $10.00 payable to AFRF to P.O. Box 6609 Ellicott City, MD 21042-6609. 


To use a credit/debit card or Pay Pal click below

For more information or instructions please e-mail us at info@afrfoundation.org.


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