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The America's First Responders Foundation was established to provide expertise and funding to assist communities in evaluating their public safety capabilities, and also support research, training and equipment needs for first responders throughout the country.


The America's First Responders Foundation embraces those attributes that have been such an important part of the very formulation of our great country. Attributes such as pride, honor, dignity, quality, professionalism and thoroughness are important characteristics of the Foundation. These standards are reflected throughout every aspect of the Foundationís activities.  We have tried to symbolize these traits into our logo design so it can be a visual reminder of our commitment to public safety.

The combination of the US map, flag, and eagle illustrates unity and patriotism. The ripples in the flag give a three dimensional effect to the image which makes the eagle appear to be above the map and flag. Although Alaska and Hawaii are out of proportion, their presence clearly indicates that they are an integral part of the US. The large size of the eagle accentuates its protective aspect.  Its gaze is out over the ocean, but directly over Washington, DC. The eagle is formidable, alert, active, and quite obviously protecting the USA.  The curve of the lower edge of its wings match the curve of the southern edge of the US map, which pulls the eagle and map together.

The curved text that encircles the three symbols is indicative of the formality and dignity of the Great Seal of the United States.  Surrounding the map, flag, and eagle with text denotes a cohesive whole, while the openings at the sides suggest openness, accessibility, and approachability.

The Foundation was founded in the fall of 2000.  It was during that time, the founders assembled to create the vision, purpose, and mission of the America's First Responders Foundation. In times of local emergencies and disasters, it is crucial that all first responders, citizens, and communities demonstrate preparedness, resourcefulness, togetherness, and resolve.  "Helping others help themselves in disasters" serves to remind all of us of the importance of and need for each other. No matter what type of emergency, "vigilance serves to promote readiness."





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