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The work, service ethics, and mission of the America's First Responders Foundation are deeply rooted in dedication, excellence, commitment, respect, partnership-building, creativity, resourcefulness, and compassion. These values help the America's First responders Foundation to turn requests for assistance into quality service and products by the Foundation.

"Making the commitment to excellence and quality service on an ongoing basis" 

"Doing the best that is reasonably achievable"

"Doing the right thing at the right time to meet the needs of first responders and the public."    


"Recognizing, appreciating, and displaying professional courtesy and dignity to all who are associated or work with the Foundation, and others who seek or receive services"


"Promoting the importance of and need for ongoing cooperation and collaboration among emergency response organizations and the public"

 "Being forward-thinkers to help recognize emerging needs, adjust to changes, and help build a nation of prepared responders"

 "Having the right tools, equipment, materials, and access to individuals, organizations and agencies with expertise to meet needs of first responders and the public"

 "Being responsive, supportive and understanding of humanitarian needs of people potentially affected by the consequences of disasters"

Quality is a common thread that runs through the fabric of the Foundation's core values. The more service the Foundation provides, the more prepared first responders and the general public will be when faced with a local emergency or disaster.   


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