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What is the benefit of individuals and corporations making donations to the America’s First Responders Foundation?

First of all, your contribution will allow the Foundation to reach out to members of the public and first responder organizations who have yet to receive state and/or federal funds or other assistance in preparing for natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and other emergencies.  Your donation would help the Foundation to provide needs assessment, training, information materials, research, and other emergency preparedness-related services to these needy communities and organizations.

Secondly, you can specify how your donation is spent by the Foundation.  The donation would be used consistent with the scope of services provided by the Foundation and the Federal laws governing its operation as a nonprofit organization.  Our overall purpose is “helping others help themselves in disasters.”

In these times of growing concern about acts of terrorism, there is a corresponding need for both the public and the emergency response organizations to become more informed, more vigilant and better prepared to respond to any disaster or emergency that may occur. 

For more than five years, the public has been bombarded with information about the potential consequences of a terrorist attack.  Yet, a disproportionate amount of time was spent on informing the public about what they can do in case of such an attack or other disaster. Like first responders, members of the public are also an integral part of the domestic preparedness equation. The America’s First Responders Foundation is working to enhance our country’s readiness and response to disasters and other emergencies.  If first responders need training, we will help provide it.  If they need equipment, we’ll get it for them or help them to find a source.  If they need expertise, we will help them find resources.

Your tax-deductible contribution will not only help better prepare first responders and communities, but also you and your family.  Please help us to help you and others to prepare for disasters and other emergencies.  Thank you.



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