The America’s First Responders Foundation provides services by assisting communities and organizations with assessment of their overall capabilities regarding prevention, planning, response and recovery for local emergencies and disasters. The Foundation can help to identify and strengthen areas needing improvement. It also acts as a clearinghouse of information and resources to connect first responders with consultants, other subject matter experts and training and research organizations.  

The Foundation provides training, educational programs, and informational literature to both citizens and first responders. It also provides support and resources for the research and development of equipment, new and emerging technology, and guides for the prevention, planning, response, recovery and mitigation of local emergency events and disasters. Examples include common emergencies such as fires, personal injury, flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, transportation accidents, industrial accidents, release of a deadly biological material, radiological “dirty bomb,” chemical agent or other terrorist events.

Partnerships with federal, state, local, and private agencies help provide funding and the services necessary to help meet the prevention, training, education, technical, and response needs of America's First Responders.  This is especially desirable for those first responders who may not have the funding, resources or expertise available.


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